Patio and Driveway Cleaning in London

We offer professional patio cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in London.

Since 1998, when Fast Window Cleaning was established, our clients found the right solutions for their cleaning and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality patio and driveway cleaning services every single time.

We can have your patio and decking looking great within hours!

Most types of paving slabs used to lay patios are very porous. This creates the perfect environment for all types of surface growth such as algae, moss or weeds, growing on the surface of the paving or between the joints.

Fast Window Cleaning invested in the latest high pressure cleaning machines and equipment, which can totally transform the surface of your patio by quickly removing any surface growth or dirt.

The decking is an extension space of your home that needs maintenance to be kept in good condition because it’s constantly exposed to atmospheric agents such as rain, snow, ice and sun. Our professional decking cleaners are ready to treat your decking anytime you need us to!

Using the latest equipment, we are able to restore paving, brick, concrete and almost any other hard surface to near original condition.

Driveway Cleaners and Professional Pressure Washing Services

We use pressure washing, the most efficient method in dealing with dirt, mold, dullness, fading paint and any other materials from your driveway or patio, all while using only safe cleaning products.

We also seal your decking or the driveway after we clean it, upon request.

Our entire team of patio cleaners is well aware of their legal obligations and safety procedures, this being one of the most important factors within our activity. Full and thorough risk assessments are carried out before any cleaning job starts.

Bring your patio or driveway back to its former glory

If you are a home or business owner looking to give your property a face-lift or just looking to protect the investment you originally made in your property, Fast Window Cleaning can advise you on any of the cleaning services you require.

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Patio and Driveway Cleaning in London